1. All helium, CO2, propane, SCUBA and other types of tanks are acceptable for recycling.  Home oxygen tanks or commercial acetylene tanks may be accepted for recycling only at certain facilities so call beforehand to make sure they will accept those types of tanks.
  2. Depending on how you obtained the tanks, you can take it back to the commercial store where you first purchased the tank and they will exchange your tank for a new one that is filled with the gas of your choice.
  3. Before taking in your tanks for recycling, make sure it is empty of its contents. This is a safety precaution as valves can break and will cause the tanks to eject the gas quickly and propelling the tank at lethal speeds.
  4. Size of the tank is important when considering recycling. Some tanks bigger that 20 pounds may or may not be accepted at all recycling center or commercial recycling stores. Contact freerecyclingquotes.com to find recycling centers and commercial stores that accept tanks before arriving with your tank at a store expecting to recycle it.