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Cell Phone Recycling
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Secure data destruction and recycling
data-destructionYou can have complete confidence that all of your cell phones data is secure and destroyed. When your cell phones arrive they are received in, weighed, labeled, while every step of the recycling process is recorded. We eliminate any risk involved with securely destroying confidential information.

100% Green Compliant Recycling
green-compliantBy using our recycling program you are ensured that all material will be kept out of landfills or shipped outside the U.S. to developing countries. Cell phone recycling recovers precious metals and prevents toxins from entering the land, water, or air.

Donate to Charity
donate-to-charityYou can also donate your cell phone to support charity. Support the cause of your choice by donating your slightly-used cell phone. We donate money earned from recycling your phone to the charity of your choice. Donate to a Cause today.


Select a Cause for more information:

RECYCLING SAVES TREES.COM – Help plant trees in every state. Every tree planted improves the environment because disasters like fires or deforestation can destroy many trees.

RECYCLING FEEDS THE HUNGRY.COM – Over 16 million children live in hunger in the U.S. By donating a cell phone for recycling you can help feed a hungry child.

RECYCLING HELPS THE HOMELESS.COM - Everyone deserves a safe home, yet 1.56 million people each year need temporary shelters or emergency housing.

RECYCLING FOR DISASTER RELIEF.COM – There are over 70,000 disasters each year but some of the most damaging have been Hurricane Katrina, Alabama tornados, Haiti and Japan earthquakes. In 2011 disasters created the highest amount of damage over $265 billion.

RECYCLING FOR GLOBAL HEALTH.COM –1 out of 5 children do not receive the life saving medicine needed. Children deserve the best health care no matter if they live in rich countries or in poor countries.

RECYCLING PREVENTS POVERTY.COM – Not since the Great Depression has poverty affected so many lives. Today with the help of social media we are helping to bring awareness to the countries poor and help them.

RECYCLING FOR THE RAINFOREST.COM – Endangered Rainforests are the life of this earth. The Amazon rainforest alone provides a fifth of the world’s oxygen and 20 percent of the world’s fresh water.

RECYCLING SAVES WHALES.COM –Did you know there is an active war going on fighting Whales are being illegally hunted and killed? Since 1986 over 25,000 whales have been killed.

RECYCLING FIGHTS CANCER.COM – Eating right and exercise are a great way at preventing cancer. 1 in 3 people will face cancer. Get involved and stay healthy.

RECYCLING FOR HEALTHY HEARTS.COM – Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in America. Knowing your Family history can help you keep a healthy heart.

FOR THE CURE RECYCLING.COM – Early detection, more research, and more survivors of breast cancer is our cause. Donate a cell phone to help the cause and save lives.

RECYCLING SAVES THE CORAL REEF.COM – Coral reefs can be damaged from humans or natural causes. Protecting coral reefs from overfishing and pollution is important to keep a reef’s ecosystem healthy.