toxic household itemsWith waste management on the job, you might know a few of the things you should not casually throw in your rolling garbage can. Obvious contenders are gasoline, anti-freeze, batteries and rocks. Of course there are a few items you might recognize on the list below, but you might be surprised what you find that you throw out quite often with no thought of the effect it will have on the environment.

what metals can be recycledIt is easy to recycle, in some cases. For example, paper recycling is so easy since there are recycling bins everywhere throughout your workplace. You recycle your aluminum cans, but what about other metals? Recycling is not always clear and cut when it comes to recycling metals. Just to simplify your life, you might just trash those metals because you don't want to deal with the confusion of which metals are which. There are many types of metals that can be recycled and others that cannot be recycled.

recycling electronicsNo doubt you live in a technological advance society. From the car you drive to your digital watch you are surrounded by computers and other technological devices. It is guaranteed that you cannot live a day without using some sort of advance technology. Whether it is your cell phone or even the elevator you ride everyday that allows you to get downstairs from your forty story apartment building. Yet, like everything else you have, these new technological devices will break. So what are you going to do with them then? The obvious answer is to recycle them. Which brings the question, what electronics can be recycled?

recycling plastic bottlesAccording to the EPA website, in 2010 there was over 31 million tons of plastic waste. That is a lot of plastic waste, but they also state that only 8 percent of that plastic was recycled. Those numbers are frightening when you realize that plastic does not just disappear. In fact the bacteria that helps other items decompose does not feast on plastic it prefers other tastes better. It has been discovered that some bacteria can break down the plastics, but the catch is that the bacteria can, not will. So what does that mean to you? Well it means it is time to be more aware of what you are throwing away and what needs to be recycled.

green cleaning suppliesRecently the idea of using green cleaners has become quite popular. Get online and you can buy several brands of cleaners that are called green cleaners. But you might have some questions, such as what is so damaging about regular cleaning materials? Or what is considered to be green cleaning products? Despite commercials or what your favorite talk show host has said about green cleaners, you might find that their views are quite bias. So here are the facts below, and you can make up your own mind about whether or not green cleaning products is for your home and family.

good recycling habitsRecycling can be beneficial to your finances and it can help save the planet at the same time. Many people believe that recycling is not cost effective, but the truth is that you can recycle daily and save money at the same time. This type of recycling is more than taking in scrap metals and receiving monetary value in return. The recycling you can do everyday in your home is simple little changes to your lifestyle. Something that everyone can do and it creates an impact on the environment.

make a difference recycling cell phoneEverywhere Cell Phones

It seems like everyone today has a cell phones, whether it is issued to you by your work, or an investment you made yourself. When you start thinking about it, there are many stores that sell cell phones and many companies that manufacture cell phones. In 2007 it was estimated that over 1.1 billion cell phones were made around the world. Ask yourself too, how many cell phones you have gone through. Cell phones tend to get sent through the wash machine, fall into the toilet, ran over by cars, chewed on by toddlers, and just plain regular daily abuse. So when you get a new cell phone, what happens to the old cell phone?

everyday recyclingInterested in going green? Start by sorting out your garbage and recycling those things that can be recycled. Another option is riding your bike to work, creating a work carpool or taking the public transit. Or replacing your wasteful appliances and electronics with energy saving ones instead. Now, don't think you are done quite yet, there is more you can do in your home to help out the planet. Think of the things you do everyday, you can make small changes everyday that will make quite an impact on the environment.

recycling history

Recycling is not a new concept to humankind. In fact recycling has been around for many years. There is quite a history to the recycling community that is surprisingly unexpected that derives from further back in time. Although in history the items that were recycled are much different from today as they did not have metals, electronics, styrofoam, plastic, and glass. And their recycled uses of their waste is also not the same. Despite the changes in recycling over the years, the sentiment is the same; care for the environment and future posterity.