green cleaning suppliesRecently the idea of using green cleaners has become quite popular. Get online and you can buy several brands of cleaners that are called green cleaners. But you might have some questions, such as what is so damaging about regular cleaning materials? Or what is considered to be green cleaning products? Despite commercials or what your favorite talk show host has said about green cleaners, you might find that their views are quite bias. So here are the facts below, and you can make up your own mind about whether or not green cleaning products is for your home and family.

First of all consider the cleaning chemicals you use in your home. You might use bleach or ammonia to clean your bathroom and kitchen. Both of those cleaning agents are harmful to your respiratory system and eyes. Mixed together, they produce a deadly gas. If ingested, it can cause great harm to your body. It can also hurt your skin if you come in contact with the liquid. Some of the ingredients of regular cleaning chemicals are agents that are not renewable resources. Yet, these cleaners are very effective in eliminating germs, which is why you use them for cleaning.

In fact the contents of green cleaners are all organic. They also try to use renewable sources. But that does not always make it safer. Sometimes green cleaners use ingredients such as coconut oil, limonene, and petroleum distillates. Its purported that petroleum distillates may cause cancer. The other two may cause rashes where the liquid touches your skin. The green cleaners may be slightly more healthy for your family, but you must consider their cleaning record. Because green cleaners are not registered with the FDA, there is talk about their disinfection abilities. They do kill germs, but they are not as effective as bleach and ammonia.

The containers of the cleaners are in fact different. Green cleaning products strive to produce a bio-degradable container that will least effect the environment. The containers are also made from recycled material as well. Regular cleaning products are not so environmentally friendly. Their containers are hardly ever bio degradable and therefore create further grievances on the planet. Sometimes they are made from recycled products, but not a guarantee that buying green cleaners. And remember that whether the cleaners are green or regular cleaners, do not let your children or pets near them as they are still harmful if ingested.

Another factor to consider, is there are not any regulations about what chemical can or cannot be in green cleaners. Therefore, your next door neighbor could make their own so called "green cleaner" which wouldn't be even environmentally safe. So be careful as you choose which green products you want to clean your home. There are other options for your personal budget if you cannot afford the green cleaners. Online there are plenty of websites with recipes to make your own homemade green cleaners. You will only need household items you already have in your kitchen cupboards. Ingredients such as white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and lemon juice.

If you didn't know much about green cleaners, you now have a bit more information to make a informative decision. Choosing to use green cleaning products remember to purchase true green products. If you choose to use regular cleaning products, remember to dispose of them correctly so that you do not further damage the planet. Making your own green products will take time, create some space in your schedule if you plan on taking that route. Choose what is best for your family, the environment and you.