1. Clean the carpet before you get ready to recycle it. Remove all staples, nails, lint, or other debris from your carpet. Remember to vacuum or clean the carpet to get rid of dirt, hair and other debris that might be stuck in between the fibers.
  2. You need to remove the carpet from the floor, look for staples and nails and remove them. From there you need to cut down the carpet into smaller pieces, about a six foot width or smaller. This makes it easier to process for most recycling centers.
  3. Roll the carpet up with the fibers on the outside. By rolling the carpet with the carpet facing outward saves the recycling facility time by allowing them to view the type of carpet and see that it is clean.
  4. Try not to use any strings, tape, plastic wrap of any kind to secure your carpet. Instead, use a strip of the carpet to tie it off, therefore cutting back on wasting other types of materials for the securing of the carpet roll.
  5. Wet carpet is unacceptable, but when it is dry you can turn it in for recycling. Contact FreeRecyclingQuotes.com for information on where to recycle your carpet.