1. To keep light bulbs from breaking put your light bulbs back in the container you bought them in.  If you have already thrown the box away, then pack it into a different box carefully so that the light bulbs won't break on your trip to recycle them.
  2. Aside from burning out, light bulbs can also break. Be careful not only because of the glass, but that the inside of a light bulb contains mercury and some other harmful substances.
  3. There are many stores or recycling facilities that will accept CFL's or LED's. They will take the light bulbs for free. Just remember to be careful in bringing them to those facilities.
  4. has an established light bulb recycling process through the mail.  It is simple and easy to get started.  Purchase the right size container and then pack your bulbs, attach the mailing label and send out.  The proper recycling is all taken care of after that.