1. White goods are household items such as your refrigerator, washing machines, air conditioner or freezers. These can be recycled but are not accepted at all recycling facilities.
  2. Before recycling, clean them out. Do not leave any food, soap or other items you might have stored in the appliances. Wipe down the appliances inside and out.
  3. Call freerecyclingquotes.com before bringing in your white goods. For example, some types of refrigerators or air conditioners will need to be drained of certain liquids. And don't forget to properly dispose of those harmful liquids.  Sometimes liquids within these appliances will need to be drained of harmful liquid before they will accept them.
  4. Some freerecyclingquotes.com locations will require you to drop off your white goods, others may come to your home and you may or may not be charged for recycling them.