1. All paper is acceptable for recycling, which includes copy paper, magazines, computer paper, junk mail, school paper and grid line math paper. Brightly colored paper such as neon is not always taken  at all recycling centers. If you are recycling your newspapers, make sure you separate them from your other papers for recycling.
  2. Remember only put paper in for recycling. That means remove all binder clips, staples, rubber bands, paper clips, plastic sticky tabs and anything other than just the paper. If the paper has dried glue like underneath the fake credit cards, then try and remove that glue before recycling.
  3. Newer phone books are recyclable, but older versions are not. Do not recycle napkins, toilet paper, tissues and other paper that has been in contact with food, oils, or bodily fluids.
  4. Other types of paper that are not accepted is carbon paper, hardback or paperback books or checkbooks.