is an online recycling exchange that connects Companies with Recyclers.  Recycling Companies on the network receive qualified recycling requests, including electronics, metal, paper, and plastic recycling requests, shredding, destruction, and data security requests, and more.

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The Advantage

  • Industry leader with 60 markets of over 170 million people, businesses, schools, and government
  • Highest-quality recycling requests and highest-conversion rates in the online recycling lead generation industry.
  • Best marketing support across all channels
  • Diverse recycling services offered
  • Experienced, dedicated account management support to help you manage recycling request quality and lead volume
  • All recycling request types, including equipment purchase and fee based recycling leads, shredding and destruction leads, and data security leads. 

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  • Nearly 80 percent of recycling-seeking companies are turning online to learn about their recycling options.
  • It is more important than ever that recycling companies be positioned to capitalize on Internet based recycling requests.
  • is positioned as the complete recycling destination that connects business, schools, government, and consumers to multiple recyclers that compete for their business.
  • Initial ramp-up requires patience and adjustment to the online way of recycling.
  • continues to expand its functionality, while presenting new opportunities to increase recycling companies business.

Key Benefits

  • A company using is serious about acquiring recycling services.
  • Companies with specific recycling needs are matched with recycling companies that can best match those needs.
  • number one priority is to help Recycling companies close deals, which is why we are committed to delivering Recycling Rewards to every customer.
  • Brand Awareness