Companies and People Trust and Use as their one stop source for the recycling industries best companies. is dedicated to helping Companies and Organizations become green by providing them the highest quality recycling services. helps save the environment by providing expert advice to businesses of any size that need to recycle materials.

Executive Statement

In turn helps divert millions of pounds of recyclable materials from landfills.

At we believe in Zero Waste, Zero Landfill, and Zero Pollution policy.

Every employee at shares the responsibility of saving the environment and this responsibility is integrated into our daily business operations. We are committed to helping our customers properly manage and recycle their materials whether its retired electronics, metals, plastics, paper, or glass.

Whether you recycle once a month or once a year is there to help you with your recycling decisions.


Gareth Amon, President and CEO of leads us with a firm commitment to the environment and has over 25 years of experience in the recycling industry.

"Since our foundation, we have been a leader in green marketplace innovation and a supporter of local economies. While our business opportunities are enormous, our commitment to our customers and the communities in which we operate is even greater."

"Companies and People, Trust and Use as their one stop source for the recycling industries best companies."  

"Today we lead the recycling industry by servicing nearly 60 local markets, including the top 21 markets in the United States. In our changing economy we have become more focused on the marketplace by providing greater speed, productivity, and effectiveness in recycling."